Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the rules for the collecting, processing and use of your personal data obtained by BP Techem S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw at Ludwinowska 17 during your browsing session at

We make every effort to ensure your privacy and to protect the personal information provided by you during the use of our website, and to this end we undertake all necessary actions.

Please note that all personal information as well as consent to information processing are entirely voluntary. Any personal information provided to us is collected and processed in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 101, item. 926, as amended). The logged data is used only for the purposes of website administration. No identification data shall be passed to any third party for any purpose. Any person providing us with their personal information has the right to access, modify or delete their personal information from our database by contacting the website administrator by telephone, mail or email. BP Techem S.A. with its seat in Warsaw (02-856), Ludwinowska 17 acts as sole administrator in charge of the personal data obtained and stored in connection to the website ( is


Data collection

In accordance with the standard practice for most websites, we store all HTTP requests sent to our server. This means that we record the public IP addresses from which users access our website. The resources accessed by the users are identified using their URLs. We also record:

  • request date/time, 
  • response date/time, 
  • the name of the client’s provider - identified using the HTTP protocol, 
  • information about errors that occurred in the implementation of the HTTP transaction, 
  • URL of the page previously visited by the user (referrer link) – in cases where our website was accessed following a referrer link, 
  • information about the user's web browser. 

The abovementioned data is not associated with any individual person accessing our website. To ensure the highest quality of service, we occasionally analyze our log files in order to determine which pages are visited most frequently, what is the most popular browser being used, as well as to ensure that the page structure does not contain any errors, etc.


Data use

Recorded logs are retained indefinitely as auxiliary material used for website maintenance. Information contained therein will not be disclosed to any person other than the authorized website and office network administrators. The log files can be used to generate statistical data used for the administration of the website. Cumulative statistical reports do not include any identifying characteristics of people visiting the website.



1. This site uses cookies.
2. Cookies are computer data, especially text files that are stored on the user’s computer and are designed for use with the website. Cookies typically contain the name of the website to which they refer, timestamp and a unique number.
3. The website administrator is responsible for installing and accessing cookies installed on the user’s device
4. Cookies are used for the following purposes:
a. website configuration (adaptation of the site’s contents to the user’s preferences and optimizing the use of the site; identifying the user’s device's and its location and properly displaying the web page tailored to the user’s individual needs; recording the settings chosen by the user and personalization of the user interface e.g. in terms of the language or user region, recording the history of visited pages to be used for the recommendation of contents, font size, appearance, website etc.)
b. implementation of the processes necessary for the website’s full functionality (adaptation of web content to user preferences and optimizing the use of the website. Specifically, cookies enable the website administrator to recognize the basic parameters of the user’s platform and to properly display the webpages accessed, tailored to the user’s individual needs; correct functioning of the affiliate program, in particular allowing the verification of User redirects to the website)
c. recording the user’s access location (correct configuration of chosen website features, enabling the matching of information delivered to user with regard to location)
d. analyzes, surveys and audit of viewing figures (creating anonymous statistics that help the administrator to understand how the users benefit from the website, enabling the administrator to improve the website structure and content)
e. creating statistics that help the administrator to understand how the Users benefit from the website, enabling the administrator to improve the website structure and content;
f. maintaining the user’s session state (after logging in), preventing the user from having to provide login and password details for every page separately;
g. determining the User profile in order to display advertising materials matched by advertising networks, in particular by Google;
h. ensuring the safety and reliability of the website.
5. This site uses two basic types of cookies: "session" (session cookies) and "fixed" (persistent cookies). "Session" cookies are temporary files stored on the User’s computer until the user logs out, leaves the website, or closes the application (web browser). "Permanent" cookies are stored on the user’s computer for a time specified in the cookies parameters or until their removal by the user.
6. Most web browsers usually allow the storage of cookies on the user’s computer by default. Cookie settings can be normally changed by the user. The browser also enables the user to delete cookies. You can also automatically block cookies. For details, see your web browser’s documentation.
7. Any settings limiting the use of cookies may affect the functionality of this website.
8. The cookies stored on the user’s computer can also be used by the website’s partners and ad networks.
9. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of these companies in order to learn how cookies may be used by them for statistical purposes: Google Analytics Privacy Policy.
10. Cookies may be used by ad networks, in particular: Google to display ads tailored to the way in which you use the website. Cookies can maintain information about the user navigation path or the time spent on the page.
11. In regard to the information on user preferences collected by Google, you can view and edit the data recorded from cookies with at:
12. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you may change your browser settings. However, should you decide to disable cookies used for authentication processes, security, maintenance, and preferences, the use of the website may be difficult and, in extreme cases, the lack of cookies may inhibit you from using the website.

Cookies are not used to collect any information about our users or track their browsing path. Cookies are only used to record - for the duration of the session - the following navigational parameters:

  • whether the viewed page is the first page you visit during the session, 
  • whether the side menu on the site regarding privacy on the Internet is open (enabling the user to keep the menu open when moving between subpages).

After the session has been ended (eg. after accessing external websites not connected to all information stored is deleted.


Links to other sites

The BP Techem S.A. website - contains links to other websites. We cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies of any external websites. When following a web link leading to an external website, we urge you to read the privacy statements provided there. This privacy policy applies only to


Contact form

The only exception to the abovementioned rules is the registration of e-mail addresses of persons or entities using the contact form provided on the website (
With regard to entities that have used the website, their e-mail address is stored and used to notify the user by email that their message has been received.

With respect to persons or entities to whom messages are sent using the online messenger, the system records the IP addresses of computers and the date and time of reading the messages delivered by the messenger. The recipient of information sent by online messenger receives mailbox information about the message, and can access the message by clicking the highlighted link. Clicking the link opens the website (, where the recipient can see the received message. Simultaneously, the server records the following data: IP number of the computer from which the website was accessed, and the date and time of this operation. At the same time, the online messenger informs the sender (Site Administrator - BP Techem S.A.) that the information was accessed.

The information contained in the logs recording the messages are used to determine that the information sent to the recipient has been properly delivered.



In the event of changes to this Privacy Policy, the changes will be posted on the website.