Our motto is: "Reliable performance". We strive to be the company of the first choice, not only due to the quality of the offered solutions, but also because of the quality of customer service. We build our corporate stability through continuous development of products and services, in each of our departments. As a distributor, we want to carry on with our current operations, launching the best products onto the Polish market. As a manufacturer, we wish to be leaders not only in Poland, but extend the lead to foreign markets by dynamically expanding our distribution network. 


Our mission consists in delivering reliable solutions and products, mainly to the industrial sector, but also in cultivating long-term customer relations. We gain customer trust by keeping our promises: delivering goods on time and providing reliable service.



We make sure that the intra-company relationships are based on mutual respect, which is why we listen carefully to what our employees have to say. We try to keep balance between personal life and work, because we know this brings satisfaction, joy and harmony in life. We take pride in our people, which is why candidates for our staff members undergo a thorough selection process and are taken good care of, so that they could stay with us as long as possible. As many as 40% of our employees have worked with us for over 10 years.


Partnership and fair customer relations are the pillars of our business philosophy. We believe it is always worth looking for win-win solutions, this being the reason why we do not stick to rigid rules of cooperation, but tailor them to customer needs and our capabilities.


In deciding to deliver a product or render a service, we guarantee appropriate competences and expertise to handle orders reliably and on time. Our support does not end with the sales. Customers can always count on us.