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Techem. Mat System

We have been involved in the production and distribution of wiper systems for more than 10 years now. In recent years, with our clearly defined goals, high-quality products and customer loyalty, we have become a market leader. Currently, we are the largest manufacturer of aluminium wipers on the Polish market. In addition, our offer includes wipers with logotypes and advertising mats. Our products are exported to 19 countries.



Techem. Work Safety Products

We offer a wide variety of products supporting work safety. We are constantly expanding our offer by introducing new solutions, thus providing our customers with comprehensive supplies. Our current product portfolio includes several thousand items, such as safety signs, flexible barriers, detectors, anti-slip tapes and many more.



Techem. Compressed Air and Vacuum

The Compressed Air and Vacuum Department has been operating at BP Techem since 1990. We specialise in developing systems for the production and distribution of compressed air, based on the products of reputable foreign companies (such as Hydrovane and Pneumofore). Our portfolio includes: industrial compressors, vacuum pumps, cooling chambers, blowers, equipment for treatment of compressed air and biogas devices. We provide our customers with comprehensive maintenance services and original spare parts.



Techem. Abrasives

Since 1990, we have been an exclusive representative of KWH Mirka – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of abrasive materials for the automotive, wood and composite markets. One of the most prominent features of KWH Mirka is its innovative products. We offer our customers abrasive materials and tools ensuring fast, and most importantly, dust-free grinding.



Techem. Oils and Lubricants

Our offer includes oils for the automotive industry and market. Being the first and long-time distributor of the Eni brand, we offer customers attractive prices and support in product selection.

In 2015, we began working with with the Cogelsa brand and extended the offer by oils approved for use in the food industry.



Techem. Sealing Products

As the exclusive distributor of an English company, James Walker, we deliver innovative solutions in the field of industrial and technical sealing. With our products, it is possible to achieve, among others, reliable (fault-free) operation of flanged connections, thanks to modern methods of tension control (e.g. with a mobile application).



Techem. Analytical Systems

We design and implement complete analytical systems for continuous and laboratory integrated measurements, in line with application’s technical requirements and customer needs. We offer comprehensive solutions used in the analysis of process mixtures, water and sewage.



Techem Logistics

Our warehouse is located in the centre of Poland, in the town of Zgierz (close to Lodz), at ul. Sadowa 6/10, nearby the intersection of the north-south and east-west motorways. We have high- and low-storage warehouses, of the total area of 9000 m2.