Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy determines the principles of collection, processing and using personal data acquired from you by BP Techem S.A. having its registered office in Warsaw, at ul. Ludwinowskiej 17 under the kept website We make every effort to ensure respect for your privacy and protection of the personal data provided when using the Website and for that purpose we undertake all necessary actions. We inform you that specification of personal data, as well as the consent for their processing are completely voluntary. Any provided personal data are collected and processed in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on protection of natural persons in connection with processing personal data and on free flow of such data (GPDR). The data collected in log journals are used only for the purposes of the site administration. No identification data, for any other purposes, is transferred to any third party. Every person, in the scope resulting from legal regulations, shall be entitled to have access to their data and their correction, removal or restriction in data processing, the right to file an objection against processing, the right for data transfer, as well as the right for withdrawal of the consent granted at any time contacting the Administrator by phone, a letter or via e-mail. The Administrator of personal data of the website is BP Techem S.A. having its registered office in Warsaw (02-856) at ul. Ludwinowskiej 17. Withdrawal of the consent has no effect on compliance with the law of processing which was conducted on the basis of the consent prior to its withdrawal.


Data collection

According to the adopted practice of the majority of WWW websites, we store the HTTP inquiries directed to our server. This means that we know public IP addresses from which the users are browsing the information content of our website. The browsed site content is identified by URL addresses. We also know: • the inquiry time,

  • the response time,
  • the client station name - identification is performed by the HTTP protocol,
  • information about the errors that occurred at the point of implementing the HTTP transaction,
  • the URL address of the site previously visited by the user (referrer link) - in the case when transfer to the Office website was done by reference,
  • information about the web browser of the user.

This data is not associated with specific persons browsing the service. In order to ensure the highest quality of the service, occasionally we analyse the log files to determine which websites are visited most often, which website browsers are used or whether the structure of the website  contains flaws, etc.


Data usage

The collected logs are kept for indefinite time as an auxiliary material used for the site administration. The information contained in them is not disclosed to anybody apart from the persons authorized for administration of the server and the Office network. On the basis of the log files it is possible to generate statistics constituting an aid in administration. Collective summaries in the form of such statistics do not contain any features identifying the persons visiting the service.


Cookie mechanism

1. The website uses cookie files. 2. Cookie files (the so-called "Cookies") are computer data, in particular, text files which are stored in the User's device and are intended for using the Website's pages. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, the time of their storage on the device and a unique number. 3. The Site operator is the person responsible for placing cookies on the Website User's device and it has access to them. 4. The cookies are used for the following purposes: a. configuration of the Service (adjustment of the content of the Website's pages to the User's preferences and optimization of usage of the Website's pages; recognition of the Website User devices and its location and adequately displaying the web site, adjusted for its individual needs; saving the settings selected by the User and personalisation of interface of the User e.g. regarding the User's selected language or region, which the User originates from, saving the history of the visited pages in the service to recommend the content, font size, layout of the website, etc.) b. implementation of the processes necessary for full functionality of the websites (adjustment of the content of the Website's pages to the User's preferences and optimization of usage of the Website's pages. In particular, these files enable recognition of the basic parameters the User's devices and displaying the website accordingly, adapted to its individual needs; correct partner software operation, allowing, in particular, verification of the referrer links of the Users to websites of the Service) c. saving location of the user (correct configuration of the selected functions of the Service, allowing, in particular, to adjust the delivered information to the User with emphasis on its location) d. analyses and studies and audit of the viewing figures (creation of anonymous statistics which help to understand how the Website's Users use websites of the Service, which enables improvement in their structure and content) e. creating statistics that help to understand how the Website Users use websites, which allows improvement in their structure and content; f. maintenance of the Website User's session (after logging in) due to which the User does not need to re-enter the login and password; G. to determine the user profile in order to display suitable materials in advertising networks, particularly in the Google network. h. provision of security and reliability at the Website 5. On the Website, two major types of cookies are used: "session" and "persistent" cookies. The session cookies are temporary files that are stored in the User's device until logging out, leaving the website or closing the software (web browser). Persistent cookie files are stored in the User's device for the time specified in cookie parameters or until their removal by the User. 6. The software for browsing websites (online browser) usually enables storing cookies in the User's device. The Website Users can change settings in this respect. Web browser enables to remove the cookie files. It is also possible to automatically block the cookie files. The detailed information on this issue is provided in the help section or web browser documentation. 7. Restrictions in using cookies may affect some functionalities available on the Website's pages of the Service. 8. The cookie files are placed in the Website User's device and they can be used also by advertising entities and partners cooperating with the Site operator. 9. We recommend reading the Privacy Policy of these companies to get to know the rules of using cookie files in statistics: The privacy protection policy by Google Analytics 10. Cookie files may not be used by advertising networks, Google in particular, to display advertisements that match the method by which the user browses the Site. For this purpose, they can maintain information on the user navigation path or the time they spent on a given site. 11. With regards to information about user preferences collected by the Google advertising network, the user may browse and edit the information resulting from cookies using the following tool:  12. If the user does not want to receive cookie files, they may change the browser settings. Please be advised that disabling the cookies necessary for the processes of authentication, security, user preference maintenance may hinder, and in the extreme cases, may prevent the use of the www websites. Cookie mechanism is not used for acquisition of any information on the service users nor for tracking their navigation. This mechanism is used only for memorizing - for the time of a session - the following navigation parameters:

  • whether the viewed page is the first page visited during a session,
  • status of extension of the side menu in the service concerning privacy on the Internet (so that the user could maintain the status of extension of the menu when passing between subpages of the information Service).

After the end of a session (e.g. after passing to webpages from outside of the Service the recorded information is removed.


References to other websites

Service of BP Techem S.A. contains references to other websites. We cannot be liable for maintenance of the privacy principles valid on these sites. We recommend to review the Privacy Policy stipulated on other parties, after you move thereto. This privacy policy applies only to the Service


Contact form

An exception from the above principles is registration of the e-mail addresses of persons or entities, using the provided contact form in the Service

With regard to the entities which used the above mentioned Service, the e-mail address is recorded, which is used for sending feedback on receiving messages.

With regard to persons or entities to which the messages are sent using an electronic courier, the information is recorded concerning IP addresses of computers and the date and time of reading the messages sent by the courier. The Recipient of the information sent by the electronic courier receives the advice note about the information sent to it, which may be accessed by clicking the reference marked in the advice note. Clicking the given reference directs the recipient to the website of the Service from which the Recipient reads the message meant for it. At the same time, special server logs record: IP of the computer, from which the link was made and the date and hour of this operation. At that time, the electronic courier sends a notification to sender (administrator of the Service – BP Techem S.A.) that the information has been read.

The information included in the logs recording information about reading the sent messages are used in order to state whether the information sent to the addressee has been correctly delivered.

Information about personal data processing

In connection with the change in provisions concerning personal data protection and commencement of application since 25 May 2018, of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the European Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on protection of natural persons in connection with processing personal data and on free flow of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) "GPDR" we inform that: According to the valid regulations related to personal data protection, in particular, with the General Regulation for the purpose of provision of proper personal data protection, the person whom the data relates to should be provided with the information concerning the processing of its personal data specified in Article 13 or 14 of the GPDR - depending on whether they have been obtained directly from the person whom the data relates to, or from other sources. In view of the above, we would like to inform you that:  1. The Administrator of Your personal data (further: "the Administrator") is BP Techem S.A. having its registered office in Warsaw (ul. Ludwinowska 17,02-856 Warsaw), entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the Court District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of National Court Register, under no. 0000050522, initial capital PLN 16 610 000.00, REGON: 012742471, NIP: 9511728368. The Administrator may be contacted in writing, by traditional mail sent to the following address: ul. Ludwinowska 17, 02 -856 Warsaw or by e-mail at: 2. Your personal data is processed on the following legal grounds: • Article 6 (1) letter and of the GPDR, i.e. on the basis of the consent to sending commercial information electronically i.e. receiving information about products of BP Techem S.A., including the information on discounts; • Article 6 (1) letter b of the GPDR, i.e. in relation with execution of the contract for sales of products offered by the Company; • Article 6 (1) letter F of the GPDR, i.e. on the basis of indispensability of processing for the purposes resulting from legally justified interests realized by the Administrator. Legally reasonable interests performed by the Administrator consist in offering and promotion of own products and services. 3. The Company does not process specific categories of personal data nor personal data concerning convictions and violations of law related to security measures. 4. Recipients of Your personal data will be: • entities delivering and supporting communication and information systems of the Company for the purpose of handling the website as well as entities providing services associated with the current activity of the Company, • entities providing delivery services of products, 5. Your personal data is not transferred to recipients in any third countries, i.e. outside the European Economic Area (EEA), and to any international organisations. 6. Your personal data will be processed within the scope and for the period necessary for execution of the Contract, and after this period for the purposes of and for the time and, to the extent required by legal regulations or for protection of any possible claims, or until withdrawal of the granted consent and for the period necessary for execution of the legally justified interests of the Company referred to in item 2 above.

7. In relation with processing of Your personal data, You shall be entitled to: • request the Administrator to provide access to Your personal data, • request the Administrator to correct Your personal data, • request the Administrator to remove Your personal data, • request the Administrator to restrict processing of Your personal data, • submit an objection against processing of Your personal data, • transfer Your personal data, • file a complaint to the supervision authority. 8. The rights indicated in item 7 above may be exercised by: • contact via e-mail at: • written contact using traditional mail sent to the following address: ul. Ludwinowska 17, 02 -856 Warsaw 9. The Administrator shall make every effort to provide any means of physical, technical and organizational personal data protection against their accidental or deliberate destruction, random loss, change, unauthorized disclosure, use or access, in accordance with all valid regulations. 10. Your personal data is processed electronically and manually, in accordance with the methods and procedures related to the purposes of processing referred to in item 2 above.

In the event of any doubts related with personal data processing, every person may sent the Company an inquiry for providing information. Regardless of the foregoing, every person shall be entitled to file a complaint to the supervision authority - the President of the Personal Data Protection Office


In the case of change of the presently valid privacy policy, appropriate modifications of this provision shall be introduced.