In the past 20 years, KWH Mirka became one of the world's largest manufacturer of abrasives for the automotive, wood and plastic industries. Since 1990, BP Techem SA has been the sole distributor of KWH Mirka’s product, contributing significantly to the dynamic growth of the company’s sales.

The philosophies of both companies (KWH Mirka and BP Techem SA) can be described as a continuous product improvement, systematic investing in the quality, cost awareness, accurate planning, and endless energy, commitment and openness to innovative projects. In recent years, new, innovative projects have become the trademark of KWH Mirka.


Mirka’s world class products are manufactured using the most modern machinery, by highly qualified staff, both: during the production stage of the base product in Finland, and at the later stage of the product finishing in Poland.

Customer orders from all over Poland are quickly and efficiently handled by a modern warehouse. We are able to offer the basic product from Mirka in any form desired by the customer, at the requested time.

Customers appreciate the know-how of our employees, and enjoy a wide range training services provided for clients in the automotive and wood industries.