Composite covers and enclosures

Composite covers and enclosures

SSC was founded in 2005. Based on the patented THRUBEAM technology, the company has developed a wide range of covers for high traffic areas (0400), fuel distribution stations, and areas with a slow car traffic (C250) and pedestrian zones (B 125).

Other examples of the use of SSC composites include traffic lights, street lighting, telecommunications, cable television, CCTV, valved chambers, and utility wells.

Composite covers offer advantages unavailable for covers using traditional materials.

Composite covers and casing manufactured by SSC are certified by the Lloyds British external certification organization and meet the requirements of the European Standard ENI 24:1994.

Whenever your plans require a well/manhole cover offering durability, safety, water-tightness, and monitoring of underground resources using radio waves, etc. contact us.

SSC offers a 15 year warranty on the covers and composite frames (see warranty conditions).

Starting from 2010, BP Techem SA is the only distributor in Poland, offering composite covers and gully casing produced by Structural Science Composites Limited.