Entrance mats and floor mats

Entrance mats and floor mats

BP Techem SA manufactures protective entrance mats and floor mats of the highest quality, protecting all kinds of building entrances from dirt and other contaminants.

Dirt carried into a building quickly damages the floors and carpets. Dust affects the reliability of computer equipment, and is also not indifferent to the health of workers. Therefore, the best solution is the use of appropriate entrance mats and floor mats.

Let us quote a few facts:

  • 90% of the indoor impurities are carried inside the building from the outside environment
  • Cleaning costs (daily cleaning) range - on average – between 2 to 10 PLN/m2 per month. 
  • Carpets become regularly polluted by dust, sand and water, quickly losing their quality.
  • Polluting marble or granite floors with dirty water and other contaminants (sand grains) carried from the outside environment causes rapid wear of protective coatings, 
  • Slipper floors increase the risk of accidents and potential legal claims
  • Dust deposition on electrical and electronic equipment causes a decline in their performance and greater susceptibility to malfunction.

By using suitable floor mats and doormats, it is possible to limit the amount of sand, mud and dust indoors by 80%, at the same time reducing the costs of floor cleaning, maintenance and renovation.

Planning for the use of an efficient system of floor mats (entrance mats and floor mats) should be considered at an early stage of the interior design.