Analytical systems

Analytical systems

The Pomeko System Department at BP Techem is an expansion of the activities started in the years 1993 - 2005 by the Pomeko System company.

The well-tested strategy of offering complex analytical systems that are integrated in accordance with the technical requirements of the application and the customer‘s needs (for continuous and laboratory measurements) remains at the core of our business.

We provide comprehensive solutions in the areas of analysis of mixtures, water and wastewater. Our long-term cooperation with nearly 20 world-leading manufacturer of measuring tools and supplementary system components provides us with flexible adjustment of the configured analysis systems, while the assembly and production of the systems in Poland allows for the mix of highest quality with reasonable pricing.

The long experience in the design of on-line measurement systems accumulated by our specialists makes us understand well the needs of even the most demanding applications, enabling us to configure any system with the consideration of the needs relating to the representativeness of the samples measured, and the reliability of the results, at reasonable servicing and usage costs.

Our main partner in the field of analysis of water and wastewater physico-chemical parameters are:

  • Pollution & Process Monitoring Ltd
  • Partech Electronics Ltd
  • Analyt ical Technology Inc.
  • ABB Ltd
  • lntellitect Water Ltd
  • Groeger und Obst GmbH
  • PS Analytical Ltd

We offer a wide range of mixture analyzers and instruments manufactured by the following companies:

  • Thermo Scientific
  • Guided Wave Incorporated
  • AGC Instruments
  • ATAC