Compressed air and vacuum systems

Compressed air and vacuum systems

The Department of Compressed Air and Vacuum Systems operates within the framework of our company since its inception in 1990. Here you will find the necessary equipment used in the delivery of compressed air or vacuum, as well as in air conditioning/purification equipment.

We specialize in vane compressor technology which offers an alternative to other technologies used in in air compressors and vacuum pumps. The technology offers significant savings in the use period thanks to the reliability of the design.

In 1990s, acting as the exclusive representative and distributor, we introduced the first Hydrovane compressor on the Polish market. Vane compressors are characterized by exceptional durability, simplicity and high-quality compressed air.

During more than 50 years of activity, Hydrovane has always been a market leader in vane compressors, gaining its solid reputation thanks to the quality and reliability of its products. To date, Hydrovane has produced over 775,000 compressors, used by the largest companies in the world. The constancy of performance parameters and the durability of Hydrovane’s compressors is estimated to be at approximately 100,000 work hours.

In 2002, BP Techem SA established collaboration with the producer of the vane vacuum pump - Pneumofore.

Pneumofore was founded in 1923 and is a manufacturer of compressors and vacuum pumps, with an extensive experience in the production and development of custom designs, well-adjusted to the changing requirements of the company’s customers.

The constant strive for quality improvement and engineering innovations are the goals set by the company owners, hoping to meet the needs of customers. The offer by Pneumofore also includes channel blowers, high pressure compressors and pressure boosting systems.

The Department of compressed air and vacuum also offers air purification equipment, including line filters, refrigerant dryers and adsorption dryers,  cyclone separators, radiators, containers, and of pneumatic fittings, necessary for the operation of any compressor system.

Our offer is further complemented by the work of the technical department, offering - in addition to warranty and post-warranty servicing of compressors and pumps -  designing, measurement and installation services  in the field of compressed air and vacuum systems.